How it all began

I’ve always liked refinishing furniture or building tables using all sorts of mediums including wood, cement, and steel. My wife and I, we’ve always liked custom pieces with a story. When it came to selling any of my pieces however, I hit a roadblock.

I began by using free listing sites but realized these sites are great for posting things you want to get rid of and cater to a specific audience that wasn’t interested in paying for what I thought, was valuable.

Then I tried blogging, social media, and even thought about creating an Etsy page but none of these seemed to be the right platform for my needs. It takes a lot of time and money to gain any traction with these outlets and my wife and I didn’t have either.

This frustration led us to believe other small companies, boutique businesses, micro-farmers, local artists and musicians felt that same pain. And that is why we created Local Corners.

Local Corners’ Mission Statement

Build, Discover, Grow, and Sustain

We Build Local Corners microsites for our Subscribers and Sponsors which helps locals within the community Discover them; ultimately helping our Subscribers and Sponsors ,Grow and Sustain their business long-term.

If you are hard to find in your local community then how can you grow? Local Corners gives you that advantage by being a single location for locals to find local businesses just like yours. Local Corners does not cater to big box stores, franchises, or multi-state companies. In fact, we don’t allow them to participate on our site. Our goal is to help the local community and locally owned businesses thrive.

Please look through the site and browse local artists, farmers, musicians, creators and more. See something you like? Contact that person directly through their microsite on how to purchase or gain additional info.

If you’re interested in learning more about being a sponsor or subscriber, click here.

Thank you for supporting your local businesses and community.

The Local Corners Team

Want to market on Local Corners

Learn how easy it is to setup your own site, showcase your offerings, and ensure interested customers know where and when you will be. Maintaining your Local Corners website is very simple.