Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Local Corners

If I become a Subscriber or Sponsor will you sell any of my information?

NO! Local Corners believes this is exploitation which we are firmly against.

As a Subscriber or Sponsor can I add my own website or social media handles to my Local Corners site?

Yes! Add your website, any contact information you want, social media handles, etc. If a customer clicks on your website link, reaches out to you, it means Local Corners is doing its jobs, helping people find you. Your contact information is the most important part of the very simple sign up process.

*How am I billed?

Subscribers and Sponsors who sign up now will receive the Local Corners Platform for Free and Free for Life. Once we hit our goals new subscribers will be charged a nominal monthly fee. Now is the opportunity to receive the platform for free for life.

How do I support other small businesses outside of my city?

You have the ability to change your default location just by changing the city, zip code, or state within the search. Registered customers will be able to save any preferences in any city, zip code or state as we continue to grow.

If I become a registered customer will you sell any of my information?

Registered customers will have the capability to create and save favorites to their profile and receive immediate alerts when new small businesses join local corners based upon the preferences chosen. We have additional features we will be adding in time as well. More to come.

What is the purpose of the calendar on my workspace?

The calendar enables you to publicly publish when and where you will be such as indoor, outdoor or virtual events, and mercantile locations. This helps customers find you.

How do I purchase something on Local Corners?

Each Subscriber and Sponsor will have numerous ways to contact them. Please visit that Subscriber or Sponsor’s page to view the best way to contact.

Does Local Corners facilitate in sales transactions?

We do not facilitate any sales transactions. Why? Prices could be negotiated if asked. We also believe many people still want to physically see and touch what they are buying. Local Corners’ goal is to help facilitate and foster lasting relationships between the creator and the customer. Our Subscribers and Sponsors typically support sales on their websites as well.

What is the difference between a Sponsor and a Subscriber?

A Sponsor typically supports subscribers. This includes those running markets, events, and provide physical space for subscribers to market their works. A Subscriber is an individual small business who often times does not have a brick and mortar storefront. For more information click the sign up button,

Will Local Corners add more features in the future?

Yes, just like many local businesses they need to get established first before they expand. We are no different. Local Corners has numerous enhancements and features we are looking forward to implement; all focused on improving the customer experience and improving the success of our Subscribers and Sponsors.