About Local Corners

We at Local Corners believe people want to support their local communities, talk to the person who grew their produce, learn what inspired the local artist to create their works, but most importantly they want to shake the hand of the person who created the product they purchased. The problem is the producer and customer can’t find each other.


The reasons are simple: Limited marketing and internet budgets and expensive brick and mortar store fronts. The small business can’t compete against the massive advertising dollars of large corporations. The result. One of a kind works, locally grown produce, stop at great ideas. Perform some internet searches on anything in your city. In all likelihood the results on the first page are dedicated to mass corporations.

If you can’t be found within your local community, how can anyone expect to grow? That’s where Local Corners comes into help.

"My website barely has any traffic and maintaining my social media platforms feels like a fulltime job. I don't have the money to hire someone to develop ad campaigns or to optimize my website. Its really frustrating no one can find my business or know where I will be"

Who is Local Corners designed for?

Local Corners is organized into three categories: Members, Subscribers, and Sponsors, with each having their own perks.


Registered customers can create personal profiles based off of their likes of goods or subscribers/sponsors. Favorited items and subscribers/sponsors will be saved to their profile. You’ll receive notifications when the favorited subscribers/sponsors have new items or specials/sales. As new enhancements are added to the website, you’ll receive additional functionality based on your interests.


Designed for individuals or small businesses needing a platform to allow the local community to find your works. Market your creativity whether that is art, jewelry, food, etc. Registered Subscribers are also registered customers and will receive the same benefits as a customer.


Sponsors support the local community by renting space or promoting events to showcase subscribers’ works. Examples include community markets, art fairs, festivals, as well as brick-and-mortar stores providing rental space or booths. Registered Sponsors are also registered customers and will receive the same benefits as a customer.

Let Local Corners help you grow your business!!!

Want to market on Local Corners

Learn how easy it is to setup your own site, showcase your offerings, and ensure interested customers know where and when you will be. Maintaining your Local Corners website is very simple.